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Following on the heels of Igrosoft’s successful Crazy Monkey slot is the hotly-anticipated sequel, Crazy Monkey 2.

Like its predecessor, Crazy Monkey 2 is a five-reel video slot set in the heart of the jungle and, like its predecessor, it dangles the carrot of a 5,000 jackpot.

It’s a tad disappointing that the jackpot hasn’t been increased – after all, what are sequels if not bigger, better versions of the original – but set that disappointment aside and you could have a fun time playing along.

The Igrosoft video slot does not take liberties with the story or gameplay of the first Crazy Monkey; if you liked that title, you’re an ideal candidate to plug some coins into this one. Only the graphics are a slight improvement, with the jungle in the background seeming a little more realistic and detailed, ferns and shrubbery now providing a superior playground for our chirpy protagonist.

Some of the icons that played a part in the first game return for the sequel.