казино кристалл плейс

Odessa is famous for its ancient streets and atmospheric courtyards.

In the center there are many attractions, known to every citizen of the city and many tourists.

But what to do if you came all the popular places far and wide, but dwell on it you do not want to?

In Odessa, there a few little-known places, but no less remarkable. It is home to the lower strata of society, as well as related criminal personality.

Adherents of aesthetics in its classic sense is a place best avoided, because there reigns ruin and decadence.

Nevertheless, the place is popular for shooting videos and photo shoots.

Devolanovsky descent can be seen in the frames of several movies.

Street crosses three bridges – arched bridge Novikov, metal Kotzebue with wrought-iron fence and a monumental arch bridge Stroganov.

If you walk towards the sea – a splendid view of the port.

The walls izrisoval graffiti (street can rightly be called the biggest gallery of street art in the city), some of them still hang signs and announcements.

Once there were shops, and even a veterinary clinic.

Of notable buildings – abandoned casino Cristal Palace in the house №11, atmospheric workshop, located in the garage and a courtyard apartment building №1.