Building occupants’ influence in energy consumption

La influencia de los usuarios

When we start thinking about energy saving in our buildings, it’s easy that our minds make a direct association with equipment renovations, insulation improvements, etc, but one of the actions that can have a higher effect on energy consumption has a much less material character; it’s the occupants’ behavior.

Many times, users are not aware of their influence on energy consumption in the buildings they work at. For this reason, implementing projects that can make them aware of this positive responsibility and that suggests specific actions to use their workspace efficiently can have significant results in energy consumption.

Creating an energy saving culture is not easy. Changing habits is difficult for everyone; therefore these projects should be developed along with a proper change management processes and the commitment of the whole organization so changes remain in time. As usual, this will demand a great amount of creativity from all the Facility Managers.

You can read more about this subject at the following link:–15673?source=part


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