New York will have one of the biggest ‘zero energy’ buildings in the USA

NY zero emission

In 2017 the completion of the construction of a ‘zero energy’ building at Roosvelt Island, in New York City, is expected. This building will be part of Cornell’s New York City Tech Campus, a campus designed with sustainable criteria.

The layout has been oriented so the maximum amount of solar energy and light can be collected. To run the campus, solar and geothermic energy will be used. The main building, the Cornell and Technicon – Israel Institute of Technology, will produce as much energy as the whole campus needs and this way the goal of zero energy consumption will be reached. This building will host students, teachers and campus personnel. It will have 150,000 square foot so it will be one of the biggest four ‘zero energy’ buildings in the USA.

Due to its academic and research character, the goal of this campus is not only to have low energy consumption, but also to be a “living laboratory that brilliantly anticipates and integrates forward-thinking design and building technologies,” says Kent Kleinman, Cornell’s Gale and Ira Drukier Dean of Architecture, Art and Planning.

You can read more about this on this link


Photo by: Cornell University

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