Building Efficiency

Commercial sector buildings are responsible for 10% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. They must become more energy efficient to meet the UK’s 2050 carbon reduction targets in an affordable way. There are also significant benefits to the economy from further stimulating the UK’s £17.6 billion energy efficiency market which currently supports 136,000 people.

This report highlights that a combination of an increasing reliance on electricity, Government policy impacts on energy bills, and future energy price volatility, presents a threat to the profitability of ‘UK plc’. This could be neutralised through investment in energy efficiency, taking advantage of an estimated £1.6 billion worth of cost savings open to the commercial sector.

The benefits to be gained from energy efficient buildings go beyond the financial and include ‘softer’ benefits such as improved worker productivity, of 11% and 3%, from better temperature control and ventilation respectively. This demonstrates that the aesthetic benefits of energy efficient buildings should be a major factor in businesses’ cost-calculations of the impact of energy efficiency investments on their core business.


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