Adopting BIM for FM – Solutions for managing the Sydney Opera House

The digital modelling research stream of the Sydney Opera House FM Exemplar Project has demonstrated significant benefits in digitising design documentation and operational and maintenance manuals. Since Sydney Opera House did not have digital models of its structure, there was an opportunity to investigate the application of digital modelling using standardised Building Information Models (BIM) to support facilities management (FM).

The focus of this investigation was on the following areas:

  • The re-usability of standardised BIM for FM purposes
  • The potential of BIM as an information framework acting as integrator for various FM data sources
  • The extendibility and flexibility of the BIM to cope with business specific data and requirements
  • Commercial FM software using standardised BIM
  • The ability to add (organisation-specific) intelligence to the model
  • A roadmap for Sydney Opera House to adopt BIM for FM.


Adopting BIM for FM-Solutions for managing the Sydney Opera House (11.0 MiB) [Debe estar registrado para ver el archivo]

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