BIM Guide For Facility Management

A facility management BIM allows GSA to use facility information effectively through all phaseses of a facility’s lifecycle. This Series is part of a multi-seseries document on 3D-4D-BIM applications. Users of this document should also refer to the GSA BIM Guide Series: 01 – Overvieew of GSA’s National 3D-4D-BIM Program for program-wide motivaations and policies on 3D-4D-BIM applications and the GSA BIM Guide Series 02 for technical requirements of a spatial proogram BIM. The BIM for facility management requirements s in this Guide build on the spatial program BIM requirements.

This GSA BIM Guide Series s is intended for incorporation by reference in PBS contracts for thee design and construction of New Construction, Major Renovaation projects, Small projects, and Operations and Maintenance projjects. As such, the designers, the contractors, the PBS Projecct Managers, and Contracting Officers administering the contracts aree its primary audience. This Guide has been prepared to assistst design and construction teams in producing BIMs to support BIM for facility management contract requirements.

This Series will also be off general interest to other members of GSA project teams, includiing PBS building managers, staff, customer agencies, and ccontracted parties such as construction managers, construction annd design-build contractors, and consultants. In addition, cconstruction industry software solution providers will find this Guidde useful, in particular those who offer BIM-authoring applicaations and downstream applications which use BIM.


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