Corporate Real Estate 2020-Workplace

It seems light years have passed in the evolution of work and workplace since CoreNet Global released “CoRE 2010: The Changing Nature of Work and the Workplace” in 2004. That report quite accurately predicted the waves of change that would ripple throughout workplace as the networked enterprise became the norm. What proved more difficult to predict, in the roller coaster ride that we’ve experienced in the ensuing years, was the speed that organizations in varying markets and economies, and of varying cultural focuses, actually could respond to those changes in meaningful, lasting ways. Each of our organizations finds themselves somewhere along a spectrum, between what we have done in the past (often too little) and what is possible for the future (often seemingly out of reach). Thus is the conundrum we have in predicting the future of the workplace… possibilities are generally gated by our current conditions, the baggage we carry with us (culture, legacy) and the market forces that drive us to change and innovate.


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