Digital Workplace Fundamentals

Digital workplace initiatives, or the introduction of technology to improve the way employees interact and carry out tasks, can transform organizations and the ways in which people work. Cost savings, increased productivity, process improvement and a happier workforce are all potential outcomes from a successful digital project.
Examples of leading organizations on this trajectory and featured in this report include:
• Unilever, architects of a leading-edge co-ordinated Agile Working programme that is optimizing office space around the needs of employees, and delivering tools and training to enable employees to work from anywhere.
• The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which has one of the most admired telework programmes in America, positioning them as an employer of choice.
• Stora Enso, which has built a world-class digital workplace platform on SharePoint 2013, on which it can continue to build in order to meet evolving business needs.
• Wiltshire Council, which has saved millions of UK taxpayers’ money, while also allowing staff to work more flexibly.


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