FM and the trust dividend

Confidence, as the saying goes, breeds success. And as this report suggests, a client’s on-going confidence in the ability of its facilities service department, and the facilities management (FM) service providers it works with, is key to the successful delivery of facilities services.

This ‘feel-good’ factor derives, in the main, from a tight integration with, and analysis of, operational performance data. This analysis, and the flow of information from supplier to client, helps to develop trust between the organisation and its FM department, and then in the performance of any outsourced FM service supplier as well. The long-term effect of all this is reassurance in the statutory compliance and brand protection benefits that result from mature FM relationships. Real-time data, acted upon regularly, improves visibility and allows for early detection of impending operational pressure points that require a mature consideration from both client and supplier.

Conducted by Illuma Research on behalf of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) and sponsored by Cloudfm, the aim of this research was to identify attitudes by client organisations towards their FM departments and FM service suppliers, also looking at how such attitudes are influenced by the type and quality of data they work with.


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