Forget the Workplace… for Now

It’s no secret that companies are turning to the workplace to find the key to improving employee and business productivity. Many firms are investing heavily in workplace
strategies that are designed to better support the work that their people do. However, what most companies are failing to consider is whether or not the work their employees are doing is actually the work that creates the most value for the organization. A JLL poll reveals a staggering disconnect, with 74% of respondent saying that thinking, talking and brainstorming create the most value for an organization, while only 24% spending most of their time on these high-value activities.

In the current economic environment, the success of workplace strategies all too often boils down to crude calculations of reduced cost-per-square-foot or increased utilization rates. This is unsurprising as, in the absence of a clear link between workplace strategy and value
generation, many companies struggle to define how to otherwise measure the success of these initiatives. However, focusing purely on cost can easily lead to missed opportunities for productivity improvement, such as better, smarter, more innovative and faster solution development.


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