IWMS: One Destination, Three Ways to Get There

When asked to identify the leading objections to purchasing Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) technology, 91% of the 2010 IWMS Vendor and Professional Service Survey* respondents identified “Time to Implement” as a ”most severe” or ”severe” objection. While the factors influencing this finding are likely the result of a range of conditions, industry leaders acknowledge that there are some simple, high‐value efficiencies that can be gained by reevaluating the approach that corporate real estate (CRE) and information technology (IT) business leaders use to procure IWMS software. Specifically, IWMSconnect believes that as IWMS technology continues to mature, economies of scale begin to emerge, and organizations are increasingly empowered to augment the “Traditional” software selection approach with alternative approaches that leverage past experiences.

Source: www.iwmsconnect.com

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