This ebook is for every business leader, every it, Operations and Facilities Management professional who recognises that we are all facing great uncertainty while in the midst of great change.

This is for the pioneers of tomorrow who recognise that this change, in its simplest form, is all about the possibility of what we can achieve when we empower people and shift how we think about, and ultimately use, our facilities. @SteljesBusiness has partnered with some of the best in our industry to bring you thoughtprovoking content that firmly establishes the challenges we collectively face, the reality that you are most certainly not alone and some of the questions and answers being raised to help us all evolve during changing times. To collaborate suggests that we is preferred over me, and rightfully so. Our collaboration with @FMCoach, @MarkFritz and @Ismayeel is just the beginning – we’re inviting the best of our peers to continue the collaboration on Twitter, on our blog and through our inbox.
If you’ve got this far, then chances are we should know each other. Find and engage all of us using the hashtag – who knows, we may even rope you into our next piece of content.


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