State of Green Business 2013

The global economy needs deep and liquid markets of all types of capital to run effectively. Natural capital, long overlooked in traditional financial accounting, is now recognized as a material economic input as businesses increasingly seek to manage volatile commodity prices linked to resource scarcity and extreme weather events. Important steps are now being taken to account for the natural resources that fuel economic growth, as well as the pollution that undermines it. We are pleased to partner with GreenBiz Group to bring natural capital metrics to the “State of Green Business” report.
Trucost has been valuing natural capital and putting a price on resource use and pollution for more than a decade to help companies and investors address sustainability issues in board room business decisions. Trucost’s Environmental Register, the world’s most comprehensive database of natural capital metrics, provided the data insights for this year’s report, showing that companies became more environmentally efficient over the past five years. Simply put, businesses used fewer resources and polluted less to generate revenue. Notably, though, U.S. companies were found to lag their global peers, suggesting that without improved corporate efforts in North America to measure and manage the natural capital in their operations and supply chains, their global competitiveness may stall.


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