Workplace of the future

Over the past few years organizations across the globe have changed dramatically in response to the forces of globalization, economic uncertainty and consumerization of IT. These forces are fundamentally altering how businesses manage and operate. In this
world, new ways to improve business productivity, flexibility and agility are no longer nice to have; they are essential for the workplace of the future.

This research shows that a third of office workers will no longer be based at a  traditional office; instead they will be operating from home, the field and project and  customer locations, as well as from hotels, airports and trains. Individuals will access corporate applications, data and services from an average of six different computing
devices a day. Workplaces will be redesigned to operate as flexible, collaborative hubs, helping organizations reduce their physical workspace by almost a fifth by the end of 2020 and provide just two-thirds of an office desk for each employee. The Citrix Workplace of the Future report looks at how organizations are taking work to an entirely new place. Driven by employee demand, 91 percent of organizations worldwide are adopting mobile workstyles – and enabling people to work from anywhere.


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