Wi-fi, water purification and solar energy


Technology and development come more and more hand in hand. Countries were running water is hard to find, in most houses have large mobile phone networks. This fact has facilitated the implementation of very interesting projects like the use of mobile phones to collect microcredits in rural areas of Kenia. In this case, what we will talk about is a new device that can purify water, generate electricity and give internet connectivity anywhere, with no need of fossil energies.

Watly is a water purifying device that works only on solar energy. It combines photovoltaic and thermic solar energy to get to purify water and can get 100 litres of purified water every 24 hours for 15 years with very little maintenance. In addition, the electric energy produced exceeds the device’s needs, so it can be used to other functionalities such a charging phones, illumination or feeding a router that is integrated in Watly.

Watly’s development was possible thanks to the EU program Horizon 2020, which helps the most creative companies to turn their ideas into prototypes and products ready for the market.

Watly can be used to upload and download information from the web and connect with other communication devices. The most interesting thing is that several Watlyes can create a network where water and electricity become fused with Information technology, which has become nowadays a basic need too anywhere in the world.

On this video you can see the device in detail



Photo by:  Watly http://watly.co/

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