Happier workplaces raise productivity

Companies are always looking for productivity. This is why they should never leave aside one of the most determining factors, employees’ happiness.

According to Ariam Sánchez Santos, from the International Coach Federation in México, “people that are happy at work are 25% more productive than those who are not and thus they help their companies grow.” He adds that “happy people are 80% focused at work while less happy people are just 50% focused.”

The results of the GMJ Employee Engagement Index show a close relationship between happiness at work and employees’ engagement. The concept of engagement includes things such as: employees’ moral, confidence in the company, rewards and recognition and confidence in the company’s leadership, amongst others.

“happy and engaged employees have better relationships with their bosses, they are better prepared to manage change and conflicts, fell that they are better valued by their colleagues, manage stress more efficiently and are more satisfied with their lives.”, according to the GMJ Employee Engagement Index.

In addition, a study developed by Hewitt Associates shows that those companies with 65% or more engaged employees get a production raise and have a higher probability to retain talent.

This information remind us, Facility Management professionals, that we cannot lose sight of our main goal, that is not to keep a building running smoothly or to get savings in its operation, but to achieve users’ wellbeing , since they are the main asset of our companies.

You can read more about this subject in this link:


Photo by: Quinn Dombrowski http://bit.ly/1M4foFR

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