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Think Tank ESA-ESAC-SUSBCC SUMMARY_PortadaCuadrada

Success of our first European think tank.

A few months ago, FMHOUSE joined the European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA) programme that falls within the international cooperation framework of the FM Observatory.

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S6_FMHOUSE-y-ChatGPT.png 8 de febrero de 2023 1 MB 1080 por 1080 píxeles Editar la imagen Borrar permanentemente Texto alternativo Aprende cómo describir el propósito de la imagen(abre en una nueva pestaña). Déjalo vacío si la imagen es puramente decorativa.T


I’m sure you have heard about ChatGPT, if not, you should spend 10 minutes today to learn about the system.

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Trabaja donde yo te vea

Work where I can see you

Work is not a space, it is an activity that can be carried out “almost” anywhere, and you either embrace change or miss the boat.

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Support in India!

The international consulting firm FMHOUSE through its Research unit, the FM Observatory, signed a collaboration agreement with GACS.

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The new triple bottom line for fm (3)

FM’s new “Triple Bottom Line”

“We are using this well-known business term within the Facility Management environment to reach out to senior management so they understand the correlations of a more advanced service support model.”

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FM and the Great Resignation

The increase in the number of job departures will impact all employment sectors, most particularly Facility Management, since on examining the reasons for leaving, it becomes apparent that the intention is to find work in other career fields.

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EELISA is the first alliance of higher education institutions formed by different European states, which seeks to define and implement a common model

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¿Dónde están las personas?

Where are the people?

If we want to change how the profession is perceived, we need to draw attention to the fact that people are an important part of FM.”

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Las tecnologias del FM en Iberoamerica

FM Technologies in Latin America

Discover which technologies have been most widely implemented in Ibero-American countries
during the digitalisation process of Facility Management. We have included those which have provided sufficient responses

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Small Data Facility Management

Small Data in Facility Management

Over the last few years, Big Data has become a common topic of conversation, but does it apply to all sectors or businesses? Let’s talk about Small Data and how important it is for Facility Management.

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Donaciones 2021

Donaciones 2021

Todos los años donamos una modesta cantidad económica a una causa, que consideramos está alineada con nuestros valores y principios.

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El Metaverso y el Facility Management

The Metaverse and Facility Management

Virtual ecosystems will have more impact on the future of FM than new technologies used individually. That is why, without further ado, we must gain an understanding of new concepts such as the metaverse and its relationship with our work.

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The 3 perceptions of Asset

Differentiating and also relating Assets with Facility Management is key to understanding the interdependencies that may exist, particularly if we are to avoid mistaking the models associated with them.

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El Frankenstein del Facility Management

The Facility Management Frankenstein

The 1817 novel written by Mary Shelley tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, which interestingly enough is the name of the scientist and not the name of the creature he created.

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What is Facility Management in 2021?

Defining what Facility Management is in 2021 can be very simple or very complicated, depending on the observer’s point of view regarding the reality and potential of each individual organisation.

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Drogas en la oficina

Drugs in the office

FM is a dealer who can, legally, help produce 4 of the substances that trigger happiness and enhance people’s emotions. This is done naturally and as part of the work process.

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Las olas del Facility Management

The waves of Facility Management

Until a year ago the word wave was related to the sea, surfing or something associated to that area. If you ask someone today what it suggests, they will sadly say COVID, and they will probably ask what wave we are currently experiencing.

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Apostando al FM

Backing FM

The future of Facility Management will depend on how well this sector’s professionals and service companies maintain the position they have gained during the pandemic.

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Impresión 3D La ignorada del Facility Management

3D Printing: ignored by Facility Management

“Merry_Christmas” was the first SMS text message sent on December 3rd, 1992. No one except telecom companies’ visionaries who raced to integrate this service thought that this type of communication would last.

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Facility Management First Aiders

Facility Management first-aiders

“The objectives to be met must be defined and aligned by means of suitable training, otherwise we will never achieve the credibility and recognition we strive for in FM”.

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Socios Invisibles

Invisible Partners

All service companies, not only traditional ones but also the most progressive, deserve the acknowledgement they have obtained only recently as a result of the current dreadful situation. They are Facility Management’s invisible partners.

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Remote Natives

Remote natives

Young people often perform tasks remotely. Proposing alternative solutions to them, where technology and not having to attend in person are not the norm, will not be easy.

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Transferencia del riesgo

Risk Transfer

There are two mottos in Facility Management,  “Value for Money” and ”Risk Transfer”, this last one, Risk Transfer, is often

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Workplace privacy

Open space is the most common office layout these days. We can find many positive outcomes from this concept. Communication

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Standing-up at work

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine urge employers to change their workplace culture and social norms

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I am a Facility Manager if…

A Facility Manager has among his functions developing corporative strategies for the building assets he manages, maximizing workspace policies, coordinating

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World FM Day

Next Wednesday, June the 10th, will be World FM Day. It will be a day to celebrate the role of

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La importancia de medir

En este artículo de Chris Hodges podéis encontrar unas reflexiones interesantes sobre la importancia de elegir bien qué ha de

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Re-Imaginando el trabajo

Aquí os traemos un vídeo muy interesante sobre el trabajo flexible. Recoge varias ideas sobre la flexibilidad y los cambios,

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Espacios mamá

“Espacio-mamá”, iniciativas como esta permiten a las mujeres extraer la leche en su lugar de trabajo y almacenarla para seguir

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Paneles solares en spray

Cada día somos conocedores de nuevos productos que esperemos que dentro de poco tiempo, cuando se comercialicen, puedan facilitar la

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Participate in the Observatorio FM

You can choose between these 3 options to participate:

How to participate?

Collaborating with the Observatorio FM is a personal and voluntary decision, and there is no contractual obligation or economic retribution for it.

Any interested person can apply to participate as a leader of a new project, or apply as a collaborator in an existing one.

A technical committee will evaluate the subject matter of the proposed projects and the applications of the participants, deciding which ones are carried out and by whom.

Each person decides how much they want to dedicate, depending on their availability or type of project. The aim is for it to be an altruistic activity and not an additional workload.

What does it consist of?

To promote and publish studies that help professionals in the sector and to help others understand our profession and discipline.

The results and deliverables are shared openly, always acknowledging the contributions of all authors and contributors.

The Observatorio FM’s activity will respect the objectivity, ethics, rigour and good practices that govern our Research area.

Contributors have access to the best collaborative tools, sectoral information and contacts, as well as the assistance of expert consultants and researchers at international level.


FM Observatory

FM Observatory is a platform which develops and disseminates Facility Management information. It’s accessible to all those who’d genuinely like to participate. Ethical use and objectivity are essential, and all results must be shared. You decide how long you devote to it and what you want to achieve.

You can participate as:

We will provide:

All contributions will be given credit in completed projects.



We are part of the European research group and we work in international teams to develop different types of initiatives:

We also work for service providers who require support with decisions linked to:



As accredited experts in the drafting processes of European and International standards on Asset and Facility Management, we are the perfect partner to assist you with:

FMHOUSE is the only Spanish-speaking consulting firm that participates in these processes.



At FMHOUSE we think that progress made in Facility Management should be shared, so we strive to produce and publish the following material:

The “FM Observatory” is open, should you like to contribute with a publication.



Our view of spaces or workplaces from a Facility Management perspective leads to a better understanding of such a need as a service, as it is essential to apply the same logic and methodology.

Generally we offer:

We apply our knowledge and experience to offices, learning spaces, shopping centres and the industrial environment.



In order to make the right decisions, clear accurate market data as well as facts about the organisation itself is essential. In the Facility Management environment, this is even more critical due to the impact it has on business.

Examples of benchmarks:

These services are requested mainly by end users, but also by service providers.


Customer Experience

Facility Management’s overarching goal is customer satisfaction, whether they are internal or external. Understanding their feelings and needs is the key to offering a good service.

Our support is based on:

We strive to understand and get to know our clients’ customers, in all sectors and types of businesses.


Digital Transformation

The Facility Management world is experiencing a major transition to digital environments. We help our clients understand how it impacts them and assist them throughout the change.

Our areas of support are:

We operate as independent advisers, not as brand vendors.

We advise end-users and service providers.


Service Design

All kinds of companies need to define or improve the way in which it structures supporting activities provided by Facility Management.

Our main products are:

Our proposals are structured according to individual requirements.

We help end customers and also service providers.

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