Cumplimos 10 años

FMHOUSE turns 10

A decade ago, I wrote down on a piece of paper I still preserve, what I wanted FMHOUSE to be. Excellence and ethics were to be undisputed cornerstones prevalent in all our activities. FM would also represent a benchmark in both domestic and international markets and, above all else, my wish was to help increase recognition of the profession and its professionals. It was evident to me that I had to combine consultancy with a wide range of specialist training, without overlooking research as an element that would compel us to innovate and keep abreast of the latest developments. The logo, in fact, was designed to depict these three components, and it continues to be relevant to this day.

Setting up a business is not simple and undertaking the challenge in a market as unfamiliar as ours and with such a wide range of services does not make it any easier. We have no investors to back us, nor are we part of a business group. We set our own objectives and define the roadmap without straying from our core values. The team has been, is, and always will be the fundamental pillar of the company. None of this would be possible without them, and I would like to thank them for their commitment and dedication over the years. We are an efr certified company (family responsible) and we have a relatively flat, project-based organisational structure. We have implemented an authentic 100% remote work policy, an idea which, incidentally, was difficult to get across years ago. We were among the first to introduce collaborative work tools and we have shared our method of operating through workshops with other companies.

FMHOUSE’s consulting activity is complemented by that of the FMHOUSE Institute, the name given to the body that certifies the training we provide. We have created 3,000 hours of content, packaged in 64 products, ranging from a 2-hour monographic course to a 2,800-hour international master’s degree. Several years ago, we called our research unit FM Observatory, since it would help us not lose track of the current situation while planning the way forward.

Let’s now consider some figures, which always help to strengthen an argument. We have executed 256 consulting projects for 190 clients in 12 countries. It is worth mentioning that FM tenders for the provision of services have amounted to over 300 million. Regarding training, 480 people have enrolled in standard courses and more than 3,500 have participated in the open access talks we have given. When it comes to research, we have published 95 reports and we have partnership agreements with 32 associations, universities and institutions in the sector. Furthermore, our focus has not been entirely on projects. We publish new content monthly in Spanish, Portuguese and English, and we have built the largest open access Facility Management library, offering almost 600 documents. We have also participated in the development of Facility Management standards, initially at a European level and later internationally, a contribution we continue to make. In my view, judging by these figures, it can be acknowledged that the objectives we set ourselves initially have been accomplished.

A company is said to come of age after 10 years, therefore, our adulthood has now begun. We will be celebrating our anniversary until November 2023, and during this time special campaigns will be launched to express our gratitude for the confidence placed in us. Firstly, we would like the training programmes we offer to reach as many people as possible. To this end, every month we will give free access to one of the professional accreditations, both in Spanish and English. We will also carry out benchmark studies to help companies to determine their situation with respect to the markets. Our overarching goal is to continue pursuing the initial objective to improve the recognition of Facility Management and its professionals.

Many thanks once again to all those who have had faith in us. Let’s keep going for another 10 years!

David Martínez

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Participate in the Observatorio FM

You can choose between these 3 options to participate:

How to participate?

Collaborating with the Observatorio FM is a personal and voluntary decision, and there is no contractual obligation or economic retribution for it.

Any interested person can apply to participate as a leader of a new project, or apply as a collaborator in an existing one.

A technical committee will evaluate the subject matter of the proposed projects and the applications of the participants, deciding which ones are carried out and by whom.

Each person decides how much they want to dedicate, depending on their availability or type of project. The aim is for it to be an altruistic activity and not an additional workload.

What does it consist of?

To promote and publish studies that help professionals in the sector and to help others understand our profession and discipline.

The results and deliverables are shared openly, always acknowledging the contributions of all authors and contributors.

The Observatorio FM’s activity will respect the objectivity, ethics, rigour and good practices that govern our Research area.

Contributors have access to the best collaborative tools, sectoral information and contacts, as well as the assistance of expert consultants and researchers at international level.


FM Observatory

FM Observatory is a platform which develops and disseminates Facility Management information. It’s accessible to all those who’d genuinely like to participate. Ethical use and objectivity are essential, and all results must be shared. You decide how long you devote to it and what you want to achieve.

You can participate as:

  • Leader: define the topic and coordinate the activity
  • Collaborator: help with development

We will provide:

  • Current situation and trends regarding the subject
  • Access to experts and advisers
  • Collaborative tools
  • Design assistance and dissemination platform

All contributions will be given credit in completed projects.



We are part of the European research group and we work in international teams to develop different types of initiatives:

  • Public financing
  • International bids

We also work for service providers who require support with decisions linked to:

  • Positioning
  • Product launches
  • Finding partners


As accredited experts in the drafting processes of European and International standards on Asset and Facility Management, we are the perfect partner to assist you with:

  • Standards alignment
  • Assistance with certification
  • Specialised training

FMHOUSE is the only Spanish-speaking consulting firm that participates in these processes.



At FMHOUSE we think that progress made in Facility Management should be shared, so we strive to produce and publish the following material:

  • National and international trends
  • Industry analyses
  • Market studies

The “FM Observatory” is open, should you like to contribute with a publication.



Our view of spaces or workplaces from a Facility Management perspective leads to a better understanding of such a need as a service, as it is essential to apply the same logic and methodology.

Generally we offer:

  • Assessment and optimisation
  • Design strategies
  • Solutions and scenarios
  • Wellbeing and productivity

We apply our knowledge and experience to offices, learning spaces, shopping centres and the industrial environment.



In order to make the right decisions, clear accurate market data as well as facts about the organisation itself is essential. In the Facility Management environment, this is even more critical due to the impact it has on business.

Examples of benchmarks:

  • Operating costs
  • Resource use/allocation
  • Audits and compliance assessment

These services are requested mainly by end users, but also by service providers.


Customer Experience

Facility Management’s overarching goal is customer satisfaction, whether they are internal or external. Understanding their feelings and needs is the key to offering a good service.

Our support is based on:

  • Satisfaction assessment
  • Customer perception
  • People-oriented models
  • Change management

We strive to understand and get to know our clients’ customers, in all sectors and types of businesses.


Digital Transformation

The Facility Management world is experiencing a major transition to digital environments. We help our clients understand how it impacts them and assist them throughout the change.

Our areas of support are:

  • Process digitization
  • Viability and integration
  • Digital culture
  • Technological response

We operate as independent advisers, not as brand vendors.

We advise end-users and service providers.

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Service Design

All kinds of companies need to define or improve the way in which it structures supporting activities provided by Facility Management.

Our main products are:

  • Status diagnostics
  • Service dimensioning
  • Grouping and models
  • Help with tenders
  • Assistance with implementation

Our proposals are structured according to individual requirements.

We help end customers and also service providers.

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