Miguel Alves Agostinho, new incorporation to FMHOUSE

FMHOUSE has appointed Miguel Alves Agostinho as its new Regional Director based in Lisbon. Besides managing projects all over the world, he will also be responsible for coordinating all activities in the Portuguese speaking countries as well as the presence of the company in Portugal.

Miguel A. Agostinho has extensive experience in the Facility Management sector at the international level, being the CEO of the Portuguese Facility Management Association (APFM), Board Member of the European Facility Management Network (EuroFM) and Convenor of the Working Group of CEN / TC348 dedicated to the roles and responsibilities within FM.

“I am in Facility Management because I honestly believe we can impact the life of the millions of workers throughout the world, as well as reducing our impact in the planet. By joining FMHOUSE I know I can access the research and the information that allows me to be part of that change” says Agostinho.

Graduated in Engineering and with a Post Graduate in Commercial Management, Miguel has worked as Senior Consultant, Project Director, and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, where he has stood out for his capacity of leadership, management and resilience towards fulfilling his objectives.

Miguel’s relationship with FMHOUSE goes back to previous collaborations in various projects and collaborations, where he has demonstrated capacity and knowledge of the sector. According to David Martínez, CEO of FMHOUSE, “The incorporation of Miguel follows the logical evolution of the company’s expansion and comes to meet a growing demand for strategic consulting, as well as quality training in the Portuguese-speaking markets.”

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Do you want more information about what we do in Consultancy, Training and Research en Facility Management?

Hola, ¿cómo
podemos ayudarte?

Hello, ¿how
can we help you?


Observatorio FM

Observatorio FM is a platform that develops and disseminates Facility Management content, open to everybody who wants to participate selflessly. Ethics, objectivity and open sharing results must be maintained. You define how much time you spend and what you want to achieve.

You can participate as:

  • Leader: who defines the topic and coordinates the activity
  • Collaborator: who helps with development

We will provide you:

  • Status and trends of the topic
  • Access to experts and advisers
  • Collaborative tools
  • Design and dissemination platform

Your contribution will always be mentioned in the credits of the carried out work.



We are part of the European research group and we work in international teams to develop different types of initiatives:

  • Public financing
  • International bids

We also work for service providers who want support with decisions linked to :

  • Positioning
  • Product launches
  • Partner search


As accredited experts in the processes of drawing up European and International standards on Asset and Facility Management, we are the perfect partner to help you with:

  • Alignment with standards
  • Assistance with certification
  • Specialised training

FMHOUSE is the only Spanish speaking consultant that participates in these processes.



At FMHOUSE we think that the evolution that there is in Facility Management should be shared. So we make an effort to produce and then publish the following types of contents:

  • National and international trends
  • Sectoral analyses
  • Market studies

The “FM Observatory” is open in case you want to work on a publication.



The vision of spaces or Workplace from the perspective of Facility Management serves to understand that need as a service, since it is necessary to apply the same logic and methodology.

In general, the following is offered:

  • Evaluation and optimization
  • Design strategies
  • Solutions and scenarios
  • Wellbeing and productivity

We apply our experience in offices, but also in educational spaces, shopping centres and in the industrial environment.



To make the best decisions, it is necessary to work with clear and precise data, both market data and data from the organisation itself. In the Facility Management environment this is even more critical due to the impact it has on the business.

Examples of types of comparisons:

  • Operating costs
  • Resource use/allocation
  • Audits and compliance assessment

These services are primarily requested by end users, but also by service providers.


Customer Experience

The purpose of everything that is done within Facility Management is to satisfy some kind of customer, whether internal or external. Understanding what they feel and need is the key to offer them a good service.

Our support is based on:

  • Satisfaction evaluation
  • Customer perception
  • People focused models
  • Change management

We work to understand and to get to know our customers’ clients, from any sector and type of business.


Digital Transformation

The Facility Management world is experiencing a profound transition to digital environments. We help our customers to understand what this entails for them and accompany them in the change.

Our areas of support are:

  • Process digitization
  • Viability and integration
  • Digital culture
  • Technological response

We operate as independent advisors and not as brand vendors.

We advise end customers and also service providers


Facility Management

Any kind of company needs to define or improve the way in which it structures the supporting activities provided by Facility Management.

Our main products are:

  • Status diagnostics
  • Service dimensioning
  • Grouping and models
  • Support with tenders
  • Assistance with implementation

The proposal is structured according to particular needs.

We help end customers and also service providers.

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